Have you heard of the GOS Human Resource Manager Software? If not, allow me to introduce it to you.

The GOS Human Resource Management Software is a fully automated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically developed for Human Capital Management business activities and processes.

It is a one-stop-shop for all Human Resource needs, handling Recruitment and Placement, Performance Management, Time Management, Training Management, Finance, and Payroll, as well as Employee Management. It is the most flexible, multifunctional, fast, efficient and cost-effective HRIS in the marketplace.

Find out more about the application – https://gossoftware.co.uk/goshrm

You can use the application for free for 30 days by completing this form – https://gossoftware.co.uk/freeregistration

It is a robust HR application with modules covering the following features and a lot more:

  1.             Employee Information Database
  2.             Succession Planning
  3.             Employee Self Service
  4.             Manager Portal
  5.             Recruitment and Onboarding
  6.             Learning and Development
  7.             Time and Attendance Management
  8.             Compensation and Benefits
  9.             Performance Management
  10.             Staff Loan Administration
  11.             Leave Administration
  12.             Workforce Planning and Budgeting
  13.             Promotion
  14.             Exit Management
  15.             Gratuity Management
  16.            Termination Benefits
  17.            Job portals
  18.            Shift management
  19.            HR Analytics
  20.            Discipline Management
  21.            Community
  22.            Kudos

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