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GOSRMS is the Leading Recruitment Software in Africa

Our comprehensive Recruitment Software Accelerates the selection of best skills while optimizing the use of ATS Social Recruiting Capabilities, Mobile Optimized Career site, Mobile Recruitment Application, Advanced Analytic and seamless integration with other HR Management Systems.

  • Candidate/Employer Registration
  • Career Portal
  • Candidate Application
  • Automatic/Specific Shortlisting
  • Job Assessment (knowledge and skill etc)
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Interview to Hire

Features of GOSRMS

The GOSRMS is a Recruitment Management application developed to automate all recruitment process, relieve stress and achieve efficiency.

Candidate/Employer Registration

Recruitment organizations as well as job applicants creates an account on the software.

Job Portal

Post Jobs by registered recruitment organization to enable registered applicant apply for available Jobs.

Candidate Application

Job applicants apply for the Job posted on the portal by providing necessary information.

Shortlisting Candidates

GOSRMS automatic shortlists qualified candidates out of numerous applicants with organization requirement

Job Assessment Test

GOSRMS conduct levels of assessment; Knowledge, skilled and psychometric test.

Psychometric Assessment

Inbuilt Psychometric Assessment e.g DISC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators(MBTI), Big Five Personality Test etc.


GOSRMS schedules interview and rate candidates’ interview performance.

Mobile Application

GOSRMS Mobile App is downloadable on Google Play Store.


Ready to go API for integration with other HR Systems

App Screenshot

Employer Dashboard
Job Search Portal
Job Category
Manage Jobs

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