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What is the GOS Human Resource Manager?

The GOS HRM is an all-in-one Human Resource Management ERP application developed to automate the HR processes and practices, relieve stress and achieve efficiency. The implementation of this application will ensure efficiency in People Management.

    The application allows for the management of the following Human Resource processes and practices while incorporating various policy choices applicable in your organisations:
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Workforce Planning and Budgeting
  • Training and development
  • Succession planning
  • Promotion
  • Exit management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Staff loan administration
  • Leave administration
  • Time and attendance administration
  • Query management
  • Performance management
  • Query management
  • Chat
  • Blog
  • Survey

GODP developed and owns the GOS Human Resource Manager (GOS HRM) program and other GOS Software programs. GODP Consulting is a firm of professionals with requisite experience, expertise and technology. We make businesses all around the world more efficient, self-sufficient and profitable. In achieving business efficiency, we look beyond the present to rethink the future. Too often businesses are caught up with the present so much that the future might be unattainable. This is why we combine social, real-time and efficient technology to put information at your finger-tips so you can make fast, informed and efficient decisions. Our Vision is to make business processes efficient, business people efficient and effective, and businesses profitable.

We do more than developing tools that transform repetitive processes into single click of a button; GODP helps businesses of various sizes simplify complex business through well-thought business and information technology. We create a trusted relationship with our customers that bring value to them.

GODP Consulting is a global brand with presence in African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana etc. We engage world leading thought leaders and experts to develop global, dynamic and scalable solutions.

  • Localized Support
  • All Human Resource In One Place
  • Reduce Cost
  • Efficiency Is The Reason We Are Here
  • Fully Integrated
  • Win The Foreign Exchange Battle
  • Do More Efficiently
  • Involves Staff
  • Synchronize All Aspects Of Human Resource Management
  • Efficient Database Management
  • Flexible & Easy To Use
  • Accessible World Wide
    Features on the GOS HRM include:
  • Employee Information Database
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Portal
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Learning and Development
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Loan Administration
  • Workforce Planning and Budgeting
  • Promotion
  • Exit Management
  • Gratuity Managemen
  • Termination Benefits I
  • Job Portals
  • Shift Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Discipline Management
  • Community

GOS HRM Cloud and GOS HRM Exclusive

  • GOS HRM Cloud Covers:
    • o License (Subscription based)
    • o Implementation (one-off)
    • o Capacity Development
    • o Support
    • o Host and Manage Database
    • o Backup and data security (Daily, Weekly, Monthly on the server)
  • GOS HRM Exclusive Covers:
    • o License (one-off)
    • o Implementation (one-off)
    • o Capacity Development
    • o Support (Annual)
    • o Exclusive use
GOS Financial Reporter
What is the GOS Financial Reporting Software?

GOS Financial Reporter is a financial reporting tool that brings all aspects of financial reporting into one place thereby relieving accountants of the repetitive and time consuming tasks of financial reporting and so making financial reporting just a click away.

  • Prepare financial statements (Consolidated or Single) with all required disclosures
    • o Statement of financial position
    • o Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
    • o Statement of cash flows
    • o Statement of changes in equities
    • o Financial risk and Capital management disclosures
    • o Notes and disclosures
  • In-built industry specific financial statement formats and disclosures
    • o General
    • o Banking
    • o Insurance
    • o Manufacturing
    • o Pensions
    • o Investment
  • Consolidate multiple financial statements: Multi-currency consolidation, Multi-entity consolidation
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly management reports
  • Report full IFRS, US GAAP, Canadian, Ghanaian financial statement in Ms. Excel, PDF etc
  • Compute complex adjustments required for financial reporting e.g. depreciation and amortization etc.
  • Prepare Audit trail report showing details of journals (adjustments, reclassifications and consolidations)
  • Compute Financial ratios and interpret them for management use
  • Pass journals entries and maintain audit trail (Consolidation journals, adjustments and reclassifications)
  • Improve productivity by replacing manual tasks with automated processes
  • Use for as many clients as possible
  • To reduce risk and increase confidence in the integrity of your data
  • To reduce time to prepare financial reports e.g. management report and statutory reports
  • To improve productivity by replacing manual tasks with automated processes
  • To lower compliance costs by standardizing processes and generating audit trails
  • To eliminate time wasted in repetitive process
  • To aid better, faster decision making based on accurate information
  • To ensure compliance with IFRS
  • To automate complex financial computations e.g. depreciation, etc.
    The GOS Financial Reporter has six (6) modules:
  • Set-up bar to configure:
    • o General Setting
    • o Company Setting
    • o Currency Setting
    • o GL Mappings
    • o Account Types
    • o Report Registry
    • o Budget Upload
  • Trial Balance Bar:
    • o Used to upload trial balances to be used in preparing financial statements
    • o Stores Trial Balance
  • Report Tab
    • o Reports Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income on screen, this can be downloaded in Ms. Excel, Ms. Words or PDF
    • o Reports IFRS financial statements (Consolidated or Single Entity) with all notes and disclosures in Ms. Excel and PDF
    • o Reports IFRS financial statements (Consolidated or Single Entity) with all notes and disclosures in Ms. Excel and PDF
    • o Create lead schedules for audit purposes
  • Journals
    • o Pass audit journals (Adjustment journals, Reclassification journals, Consolidation journals)
    • o Maintain audit trail of trial balance before journals, journals and after journals
    • o Keep journals and print journal reports
    • o Prepares audit reports
  • Tool Bar
    • o Financial Ratios
      • -Set-up Your own Financial Ratio
      • -Report Financial ratios as required
    • o Depreciation and Ammortization Tool
      • -Compute Depreciation and ammortization at a click(Cost, Depreciation Charge and Accumulated Depreciation for each Asset)
      • -Report movement schedule for note in the financial statement
  • Connection: Used to switch between groups of companies (databases)

The GOS Financial Reporter is not a web-based software hence GODP does not hold or keep any information stored on the software for any client.
However, at installation the software is downloaded from the web and a license key also generated from the web.

There are various types of licenses of the Program, which reflect the number of authorized installations, each of which is subject to different restrictions and limitations as set forth below. The type of license are identified in the Program packaging.

    Type of Licenses:
  • Single-User: If Your License to use the Program is a single-user license, the Program and related data may be:
    • o Installed on only one computer or workstation
    • o Accessed and used only by the specific individual to whom the Program is licensed. The component parts of the Program may not be installed or used individually or jointly in full or in part on more than one Client Device, unless otherwise set forth herein. You may purchase additional installs of Your Licenses if you would like to install the Program on an additional computer.
  • Multi-User: If Your License to use the Program is a multi-user license, the Program and related data may be:
    • o Installed on the computers of the number of users purchased individually or installed on a local network (server) with user interfaces installed on computers of users.
    • o Access and use is only limited to computers on which the user interfaces are installed.

The GOS Financial Reporter and all other GOS Softwares are developed by GODP, which has its African base in Nigeria and resellers scattered all around the world.

    For every GOS Financial Reporter license purchased by a client, the following is provided:
  • GOS Financial Reporter license (no further subscription required in the future)
  • Installation of the GOS Financial Reporter
  • Sixty (60) days support
  • Recurrent newsletters on the software (optional)
  • GOS Financial Reporter User Manual

Each GOS Financial Reporter license allows you free access to use the software for as many clients/jobs as possible (no limits).

    There is 24 hours support service for all GOS software programs including the GOS Financial Reporter. These include the following:
  • Real time on-line support on our website
  • Query portals on our website